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iPad Setup

Go to 'Settings'

Go to ‘Cellular Data’ → Keep ‘Cellular Data’ ON → Go to ‘APN Settings’
Set APN as ‘’ as below [No user name and password]

iPhone Setup

Go to 'Settings'
Go to 'General'
Go to 'Cellular’'
Set 'Cellular Data' set OFF and go to 'Cellular Data Network'
Set 'APN' as [No user name and password]

Set 'Cellular Data' ON


Samsung SIII Setup

Go to 'Settings'
Go to 'More settings'
Go to 'Mobile networks'
Go to 'Access Point Names'
Select to add 'New APN’
Set Name to 'Mobi3G' and APN to '' and save your settings
Select 'Mobi3G' APN that you have just added
Go back an turn on 'Mobile data'

Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Android Tablet Setup

Insert a Mobi3G SIM and you can see Mobi on the screen
Go to 'Settings'
Go to 'Mobile networks'
Set 'Use packet data' ticked -> Go to 'Access Point Names'
Go to 'New APN'
Set a 'Name' as you wish -> Set 'APN' as -> 'Save'