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Using the mobi3G Connection Manager, users can:

· Connect to Mobi3G
· Check signal strength
· Check connection upload and download speeds
· Check remaining download and upload balance in account
· Check account expiry date
· Monitor connection duration, download and upload usage
· Access instantly mobi3G website
· Be directly informed about latest promotions and latest Mobi3G breakthroughs via advertising banners!

DOWNLOAD mobi3G Connection Manager:

If you are using a Mobi3G USB Dongle, we advise you to install the Mobi3G Connection Manager directly from the USB.
If your 3G USB Dongle is not Mobi branded, kindly proceed by the below steps for a better experience:
  • Remove the already installed connection manager. (The one provided by your USB, if you have installed it).
  • Download the Mobi3G Connection Manager from HERE.
  • Install Mobi3G Connection Manager.