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What is Mobi iB?
Mobi is Mobile Broadband Wireless Service.
Can I use Mobi iB while travelling in my car?
Yes, you can. It enables you to connect to the internet even at the speed of 100Km/hr.
How long is the warranty period for Mobi iB modems?
It is a 90 days warranty period. Warranty Full Terms & Conditions.
Can I use my own Mobi iB account while using my friend's Mobi iB modem?
Yes, you can.
Which operating systems does the Mobi iB system support?
The Mobi iB system works with Windows 98 SE, 98 ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista 32-bits, Linux and Mac version 10.1.5 to 10.4.9. The desktop modem also works with any other device (WiFi Access Point, Router) supporting the PPPoE protocol.
How much power will the Mobi iB modem use on my laptop?
The Mobi iB modem power usage is comparable to that of a WiFi device. Power consumption is dependent on the following factors:
• Level of activity - there is less power consumed when the system is idle
• Direction of data - there is less power consumed receiving data than sending it
• Signal strength, there is less power consumed when within good coverage
Can I share my Mobi iB connection with others?
Yes you can with all Mobi iB Modems especially with our new UTD-W Desktop Modem with Integrated WiFi Router which enables sharing without any additional cable or equipment.
How much data is typically in 1 MB?
A MB of data is equivalent to approximately 250 emails (200 words each), 20 e-mail attachments, 20 pages of Excel spreadsheets, or 10 web pages
Your Mobi iB Modem Leds Status Explanation.
• Power LED displays status of power and operation.

Status Led Color Conditions
Power OFF --- ---
Power ON during Boot Purple Lighting
Power ON after Boot Blue Lighting
Fault Purple Flashing

• Link/Communicating; LED displays status of link and communication between Mobi iB modem and Mobi iB network.

Status Led Color Conditions
Strong Signal Reception Green ---
Weak Signal Reception Yellow ---
No Connection Orange ---
No Data Transmission/Reception --- Lighting with above colors
Data Transmission/Reception --- Flashing with above color

What happens if my modem doesn’t receive enough signal strength?
Your modems location has a huge bearing on your signal strength, follow these tips to get the best signal possible. Remember that the color of the signal led on your modem indicates the quality of signal being received, more green means more signal. Here are a few tips
• Place your modem at a window
• Rotate the modem slowly, the slightest rotation can have a huge bearing on signal quality.
• Place your modem as high as is safely possible.
• Try opening the window