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You have a variety of payment options to choose from. The easiest is postpaid domiciliation and you would not have to waste your time every month to buy prepaid cards from the points of sale. You can save time and money. Or you can buy monthly or long-term prepaid cards from over 600 Points of Sale, or call our telesales at 01 - 29 60 60 and we deliver the card to your house or office for a modest fee. You can also buy your subscription online or via BankMed, Cash United or OMT.
Long-term Prepaid Cards:
Save your money and don't worry about refilling your account every month.
Domiciliation of Account with your Bank of Choice:
You can always remain connected to Mobi, and save the hassle of recharging your account. With Mobi Domiciliation forms your account will be automatically recharged. All you need to do is to fill the Subscription Form and the Direct Debit Letter, sign it by your bank and send it back to your ISP.
Click here for Domiciliation Form
Online Payment:
(Coming soon)
Prepaid Cards:
Whether you are a heavy user or a light user, Mobi has some clearly better options for you! Mobi Prepaid cards are available at any nearest point of sale, or you can simply call at 01 - 29 60 60 for free delivery!
      At selected point of sales:
      • Bank Med
      • Cash United
      • OMT